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Prenatal Yoga Series

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Congratulations mama-to-be! Welcome to the most wonderful and challenging human experience imaginable. Having had two kids myself, I can empathize with you as the physical and emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy commences. Alas, I am here to help! Filmed during my very own first pregnancy, this program invites you to enjoy 6 pre-recorded yoga classes designed for your changing body and brain. You can access the recordings anytime on my site and redo as many times as you want. Access never expires. Each recording is accompanied by journalling, information and reflection. I credit my own pre-natal yoga teacher and her classes for getting me and my body through everything from the leg cramps to the hormonal rage and everything in between. I hope I can offer the same support to you in this course. Enjoy and please do not hesitate to email me anytime at for additional support or questions. * All of these recordings are accessible for all trimesters. That said, please ensure you have permission from your doctor before completing these recordings. If you feel pain or discomfort at any time, take a break or come back another day for your practice.

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