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Child's Pose


My name is Ashley Holly

I have been teaching yoga and leading yoga teacher trainings for 10+ years. I've travelled the globe to complete over 1000 hours of study with the worlds greatest anatomists, yoga gurus, pilates experts, mindfulness teachers and spiritual guides. Every class I lead delicately infuses each of these spokes of knowledge to teach safe, kind, strong and connected movement. I am excited you found me. My dream is to bring the benefits of yoga and pilates to everyone and bring some magic back into your body, breath and mind in the process.

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Enjoy yoga and pilates at your doorstep, from your laptop, at your office or at the studio.

Every class is intelligently sequenced with the students goals (and injuries) in mind.


Private Yoga and Pilates

Experience one-on-one guided classes with private yoga and private pilates


Corporate Yoga and Pilates

Treat your team to the gift that keeps on giving with corporate wellness packages


Studio Classes

Join me in studio at YogaSpace on College and Montrose 

Online Programs & Trainings

Access online programs, teachers trainings and more


Meditation Vacation Online

Take a short and sweet guided meditation vacation for 9 days straight to kickstart your meditation practice

Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat

Prenatal Yoga Series

Calling all mamas-to-be. Access exclusive, prenatal safe yoga videos videos and journalling promps to help you through pregnancy


Holiday Harmony Course

Gift yourself the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season 


Private Yoga
(Virtual in-person)

Private yoga instruction offers personalized, compassionate, and impactful yoga sessions tailored to your individual needs. With this one-on-one approach, you can benefit from personalized guidance and support to help you reach your goals. Get ready to experience the transformative power of yoga

Yoga Pose

Corporate Yoga
(Virtual or in-person)

As an experienced corporate yoga teacher I offer flexible hours for all-levels classes, both virtually or in person. Bring the practice of yoga to your workplace, providing employees with the opportunity to take a break from the stress of their workday and connect with themselves and their colleagues.


Online Programs

My online yoga and pilates programs are designed to help inspire, strengthen and motivate people to stay committed to their physical and mental health. With personalized instruction, my programs are tailored to each individual, helping them reach their goals and achieve balance of the body and mind.

Aina, Student

Ashley truly has a gift and special passion for this work she does - helping others improve their lives by embracing yin yoga. For anyone who can't access Ashley's weekly classes in Toronto, or wherever she may be at the time, the online program is an excellent way to benefit from her much-adorned teaching style from the comforts of your own space and schedule.

Dominic, COO, Brisa

I met Ashley at a turning point in my life. Her vinyasa and yin classes, and her gentle and compassionate teaching helped me recognize and deliver the physical and emotional healing that my body had been asking for

Cynthia, Marathoner

I credit Ashley for helping me stay healthy, assisting with recovery from high intensity training, addressing structural imbalance, preventing overuse injuries and ensuring that I will be running for decades to come

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