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I sit at my desk for 8 hours a day on a computer. Since going to Ashley’s Yin classes, my carpel tunnel symptoms are gone and I don’t get huge knots in the back of my shoulders that constantly ache. Her classes are a part of my life so I can keep living… even with all the sitting. If you have an office job, you need to go to these classes. They will change your life.

Shannon Simmons

Founder, The New School of Finance

In September, to balance the intense effort of marathon running, I started practicing warm yin with Ashley.  Ashley’s thoughtfully-themed warm yin classes have proven to be a perfect complement to running as they have helped increase strength, flexibility, balance and mental acuity. I credit Ashley for helping me stay healthy, assisting with recovery from high-intensity training, addressing postural and structural imbalance, preventing overuse injuries and ensuring that I’ll be running for decades to come.

Cynthia H.

Associate, DWPV

I met Ashley at a turning point in my life. Her Vinyasa and Yin classes, and her gentle and compassionate teaching helped me to recognize and deliver the physical and emotional healing that my body had been asking for.

Dominic B

Founder, The Working Group

There are very few Yoga classes I attend that consistently capture what I love most about Yoga — the journey inwards. Many classes are just there to make you stronger physically and test your limits. That’s easy. Ashley helps you get stronger emotionally. I’ve broken through so many self-built personal walls, built decades ago, through her class and her guidance. I love her and her classes because she is one of so few teachers who is willing to drag her class through the dark-side of themselves, giving us an opportunity to clean ourselves up. This is what I find in Ashley’s classes, every single time.

It’s rare that I open my heart. I think most people can say that, but Ashley’s class is truly heart opening. There have been times when I’ve felt an incredible transcendent bliss in her class and other times where I’ve questioned if there was any end to my un-measurable sadness. That said, I think what I’ve learned most from Ashley is that I have choice. Choice is what I’ve always had and in Ashley’s class I’ve learned how to choose me.

She’s helped me find out what’s mine inside my body and my mind. What to keep, what to let go, what to love and what to choose differently. That, in my honest and heart-felt opinion, is truly wise and worthy of love.

Stephan Gardner

Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Stephan Gardner

I have been to a lot of yoga classes, but when I started practicing with Ashley my whole perspective changed. I began looking inward to what my body said that day instead of comparing myself to others. I began to move the way my tissues asked, and watched as a profound healing started taking place in my body. I’m forever in debt to Ashley for the space she creates when I take her classes. It has changed my whole practice…and my life.
Jordana Halpert

Founder, Simple Studs

I had the chance to see Ashley teach yoga classes during our training course in Cusco. As a student she always shined for her enthusiasm, effort, patience and dedication to the yoga practice, inspiring not only me but each person in the class. I have always said that a good student will be a good teacher and that was reflected in her style of teaching. Even during the first class that she taught she quickly filled the room class with an inspiring , positive and enthusiastic energy, taking the time to connect with every person in the class. I cannot imagine what her future holds as she continues to evolve in her yoga practice and teaching. Ashley has so much love and enthusiasm for both life and yoga and it is transmitted when you come in touch with her.

Chaitanya Nitai Das

Yoga Instructor and Director , Inbound Yoga

Ashley is one of those yoga teachers who exude a beautiful, radiant energy. From the moment I stepped into my first yin yoga class taught by her, I felt welcomed, calmed, and inspired. Ashley’s deep knowledge of yoga and gentle focus on alignment and breath forms the basis of her classes — but her creativity, passion, and love for her students is what makes her a very special teacher. Thank you, Ashley, for your endless inspiration, and for guiding me deeper into my practice.

Karina B.

Government Employee

Ashley brings an enormous amount of generosity and expertise to her classes. Her willingness to share the knowledge she has acquired and the skill in which she guides us through the different postures, has made Yin a “not to be missed” part of my week,

Steven Lewis

Artist, Steven Lewis Fine Art

Having Ashley as my yoga instructor has been such an uplifting experience. Not only in my yoga practice but in my life as a whole. She has such a vibrant spirit and her passion for the practice pours out with her every word and movement. It is so inspiring to sit in front of her and watch her lead you through a class because she is so committed to you as a student of yoga and a student of life. She is there to help you succeed. Ashley has this warmth and knowingness about her that instantly makes you feel comfortable and safe. It encourages you to let go of whatever it is you’re holding onto because she is right there with you, to guide and support you. Ashley cares deeply about her students and above all else, she listens. I am so grateful to her and her unwavering commitment to health and happiness. A class with Ashley is like a soul massage. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!


Meghan B

Musician, Meghan Bonnell

YOGA. Even though I’d been sort of interested in yoga for yonks I’d never given it a go till a nice girl said she’d found a good roof in Ecuador if anyone was keen. Jeeze it was good and I reckon any athlete or pretty much anyone would benefit. Stretching for range of motion, core stability and balance all improved. Bloody good for part time surfers who sit on too many buses. Since then I have done some more research and included it as part of my general exercise – and I am hoping to try a half marathon in a few months. Kick a six!


Lucky for us, Ashley brought her happy and healing yoga energy all the way up to the top of a remote hill in Minca, Colombia. Somewhere between sun salutations, she spread even more peace and beauty through a beautiful and peaceful place. Ashley’s teaching style, like herself, is very warm, focused and open, fostering the group energy whilst giving personal attention to each yogi. Every class she introduced new postures, and encouraged me to try out new poses and new thoughts. After a couple days, my backpack-weary body was already thanking me for the much needed care and attention. And so was my mind. I had the fortune to experience Ashley’s yoga classes in nature…but I’m pretty sure Ashley could transform a patch of sidewalk into a nurturing yoga studio through sheer will, if she wanted to. She is simply a gifted teacher.”

Aimee Hansen

Yoga Instructor, The Story Teller Within

From the ocean floor in Ecuador when the tide is out, to my backyard in Montreal, Ashley offers group and private yoga classes to suit your needs and lifestyles! Ashley has the ability not only to relax you, but to make you laugh, despite pushing you farther than you thought you could go. After just a couple of classes with Ashley, this self-professed yoga hater is now hopelessly and fabulously addicted!

Bonnie K.

University Employee

Para alguien como yo es complejo asimilar el ESTAR AQUI, VIVIR EL AHORA, tengo mil cosas en la cabeza y siempre estoy haciendo algo aunque no tenga nada que hacer; es por eso que aprovecho esta oportunidad para agradecerte el regalarme dos semanas en las que estube AQUI, EN EL MOMENTO, realmente no entiendo como paso pero asi fue, ahora trato constantemente de recordar tus lecciones de yoga para disfrutar mas el AQUI Y AHORA. Mil bendiciones.



Como la mayoría de las cosas buenas que nos pasan en la vida, conocí a Ashley por casualidad mientras me encontraba en la playa de Montañita, Ecuador, junto a otro amigo que estaba iniciándose en la práctica del yoga y que compartía sus conocimientos con los desconocidos que pasaban frente al sitio que había escogido para quedarse. La coincidencia no sólo nos unió en una bonita aunque fugaz amistad en medio del viaje que cada uno de nosotros estaba haciendo, sino que nos permitió compartir momentos muy agradables alrededor del yoga.

Ya fuera temprano en la mañana o entrando la noche, Ashley siempre nos convocaba a un momento de conexión con nuestro interior a través de movimientos corporales que me llenaron de energía, de vitalidad, y sobre todo, de pensamientos positivos y bienestar. No importaba la dificultad de las posturas o el hecho que cientos de mosquitos estuvieran picándonos mientras practicábamos. Lo más valioso siempre fue experimentar la paz y calma que traía cada ejercicio, poder sentirse vivo, respirar y sentirse lejos de todo por un momento. Ashley además siempre fue muy paciente y nos guió de muy buena manera para que hiciéramos correctamente el trabajo.

No tengo duda que quienes quieran a cercarse a la práctica del yoga con Ashley, van a encontrar una excelente maestra y nuevos motivos cada día para estar bien consigo mismos.

Natalia Perez

School Teacher

Ashley brings extensive teacher training, years of practice and tremendous passion to her yoga classes. She has cultivated a refreshingly unique teaching style, which students like me yearn for and welcome. Ashley has a goddess-like presence and exudes grounded, powerful and positive energy, on and off the mat. I highly recommend you experience yoga with Ashley for yourself to enjoy physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Michael Smith

Founder, Buena Vida