“In September, to balance the intense effort of marathon running, I started practicing warm yin with Ashley.  Ashley’s thoughtfully-themed warm yin classes have proven to be a perfect complement to running as they have helped increase strength, flexibility, balance and mental acuity. I credit Ashley for helping me stay healthy, assisting with recovery from high-intensity training, addressing postural and structural imbalance, preventing overuse injuries and ensuring that I’ll be running for decades to come. ”

Cynthia Hill

Associate, DWPV

This is My Story

I discovered yoga after completing my MA in International Development and working with some of the world’s most at-risk populations. It was during a Yoga Teacher Training in the Sacred Valley of Peru where I realized how self-awareness, mindfulness and higher consciousness is the path towards truly eradicating disease, poverty and exploitation, both in Canada and across the globe. It was there where I realized that the journey to peace begins with each individual.

I truly believe that yoga is part of a greater path to inner and outer strength, patience, play and peace. My classes are taught with a deep compassion for each student’s individual situation and are often described as inspiring, challenging and awakening experiences. I honour alignment, adjustments and mindfulness, and I simply cannot resist a ten minute savasana.

I am grateful for my Anatomy Teachers- Thomas Myers, Bryon Brewster and Leslie Kaminoff; my mindfulness teachers- Sarah Powers and Chaitanya Nitai Das; my writing mentors at Firefly Creative Writing and the women of Bare All Retreats for being a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.

Yoga, writing and travel have all proven to me their ability to strengthen weakened bodies and minds, open closed hearts and transform dark nights into bright sunny days. There is an air of magic that erupts when we take time to be creative, to be still and quiet with ourselves and to ask questions and question the answers we get in return.



Inbound Yoga International 200 Hours Ashtanga-VinyasaClick Here for my teacher profile.

200 Hour YYOGA Teacher Training with Rachel Scott, YYOGA (Completion date August 2015)

70 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Elle Basten, YYOGA

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Breathe Yoga Studio

Yhot Yoga Teacher Training with YYOGA

Registered Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance

Yin/Yang and Mindfulness Meditation with Sarah Powers

Resilience: Taking the Strain and Bouncing Back with Thomas Myers

Bodyreading and Touch Cueing with Thomas Myers

Anatomy Trains in Training with Thomas Myers

Fascial Release of the Spine with Thomas Myers

Intrinsic Muscles of the Pelvis with Thomas Myers

Neck, Shoulder and Thorax with Thomas Myers

Healing and Preventing Injuries through Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff

Vipassana 10 day Silent Meditation Course with Ontario Vipassana Centre

The Origami of Adjustment with Marla Joy, Centre of Gravity

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with David Fife, Toronto Yoga Conference

Fascial  Mentorship Program Level 1 with Body Evolutions

Fascial Mentorship Program Level 2 with Body Evolutions

Yin Yoga and Fascia with Body Evolutions

Yin Yoga with Corrective Structural Bodywork with Body Evolutions

The Basics of Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark

The Energy Body and the Dragon Dance with Bernie Clark

Restorative Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee, Toronto Yoga Conference

Thai Yoga Massage Training with Shai Plonski and Drew Hume, Still Light Centre

Sequencing and Balancing with Jason Crandell at YogaTree

Your Body, Your Yoga with Bernie Clark






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